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Table of Contents

  • Summary
  • Features
  • Quick Intro
  • Limitations


The DotDiff Library allows you to compare Xml Document "B" against Document "A". It will highlight nodes which are missing or different in document "A".

The solution contains 2 projects
DotDiff - the main library
DotDiff.TestInterface - this is a showcase tool, mainly written for demo and testing purposes.

Written in C#, built on .Net 2.0 (so more projects can use the library)


  • Comapare 2 Xml Documents
  • informs upon 2 differeneces (Missing Node or Node Value Difference)
  • Copy over a selected change
  • Copy all changes
  • Save
  • Generate a Diff Gram
  • allows an Id node to be set, incase your nodes have a child node as its Id

Quick Intro

Very small intro to the library can be found here http://www.dbones.co.uk/blog/post/2009/01/DotDiff---a-Quick-Intro-to-the-library.aspx


Cannot compare nodes on possistion.
Currently no unit tests (will be looking into this soon)

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