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Table of Contents

  • Summary
  • Features
  • Quick Intro
  • Limitations


The DotDiff Library allows you to compare Xml Document "B" against Document "A". It will highlight nodes which are missing or different in document "A".

The solution contains 2 projects
DotDiff - the main library
DotDiff.TestInterface - this is a showcase tool, mainly written for demo and testing purposes.

Written in C#, built on .Net 2.0 (so more projects can use the library)


  • Comapare 2 Xml Documents
  • informs upon 2 differeneces (Missing Node or Node Value Difference)
  • Copy over a selected change
  • Copy all changes
  • Save
  • Generate a Diff Gram
  • allows an Id node to be set, incase your nodes have a child node as its Id

Quick Intro

Very small intro to the library can be found here


Cannot compare nodes on possistion.
Currently no unit tests (will be looking into this soon)

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